Benevolence First, Inc. was incorporated as a Child Placing Agency in 2005. Benevolence First recruits, trains, and licenses treatment foster homes in the State of Wisconsin. Benevolence First is a Treatment Foster Care Agency, which means we work with the placing agency to provide a combination of therapies, services, and care designed to assist a child in achieving established measurable and behavioral goals and objectives based upon the information gathered through the assessment process. We provide support to foster families to maintain stable, loving, caring, and nurturing homes. We provide support to foster families 24 hours.



It is the agency’s belief that a positive difference can be made in the lives of children who are placed in loving homes. We also believe it takes everyone, including people of faith, to prepare children for the transition from childhood into adulthood and to become positive contributors to society.



Benevolence First is committed to providing safe, nurturing, caring homes for children in out of home care until they can reach permanency. Our agency works with children one day to 20 years of age to provide essential services and programming for the child(ren) as well as foster families.